Penguins are very popular at aquariums. However, visitors cannot distinguish individuals. Therefore, they think penguins are all the same at any aquariums they go. To change the status quo, penguin keepers of Kyoto Sumida Aquarium strongly wanted visitors to know penguins were special.

Cute! Fun! Scandalous!


Pure love, unfaithful love, social withdrawal, homosexual marriage, friendships and breakups… We unveiled and made a diversity map of the abundant individuality and social nature of all the 59 penguins, which is likely to surpass those of ours, by coordinating information only the penguin keepers had known through a long-term observation.


Japan amid increasing interest in LGBT and diversity, the map was explosively shared. Visitors found characteristics of penguins they sympathize with and tweeted. This had brought a movement of discussion and as a result, the project of Penguins’Diversity Map showed the world a new perspective to observe animals.

260,000+ tweets shared 37,000+ articles shared 600+ media exposure including 14 TV shows The brand image has grown by110%